Friday, August 16, 2013

...continued - because it needs to be.

I would like to continue with the rant I was on in the last update.  Companies that claim to listen to their customers, when they do no such thing in reality.

Next up on the list: CAPCOM

I've been a member of the capcommunity forums for several years now.  Now, to be fair, my time there is centered mostly around the Resident Evil forums, as that is (or at least WAS) the game series that I am most interested in from Capcom.

Many of us, like minded and quite vocal, have begged and pleaded with Capcom for literally years to stop turning Resident Evil into a third person shoot-em up, and get back to being survival horror.  And every time they've countered what we've said, or just out and out lied to us.

Resident Evil 4 was scrapped at the last minute, and according to the powers that be, had to be completely overhauled, because sales would have been lackluster, and the series would likely have died.  That's an opinion.  I happen to have a different one, but that's not even the point of this post.  The point is, a LARGE portion of your fanbase, and some obviously dedicated gamers (Most of the people I'm talking about have all of the RE games, because they do love the series, for the most part) have begged Capcom to stop treating these games like their a clone of Modern Warfare/Gears of War, and stick with the genre that they created in the first place.

It all falls on deaf ears.  RE5, 6, Operation: Raccoon City, and even Revelations are all still stuck on being and action/horror hybrid.

Now - flash forward to now.  Specifically to Dead Rising 3.

Several months ago, perhaps even as much as a year, someone on the Unity forums started a thread asking the question, "What would you like in a new Resident Evil game.  I responded, stating that I wanted an open world Raccoon city (ala Skyrim, in an urban setting) with many of the same type of encounters that you get in an open world RPG, but set within the Resident Evil Universe, complete with the city, and the mansion (which would have been optional to visit) and ultimately the goal would be to get out of the city before the nukes fall.

You know, pretty much what they created in Dead Rising 3, minus the setting that I wanted.  Here's the real problem; now that they've created this world in DR3 - you can bet your ass they will NEVER create in for Resident Evil.  After all, they've already done it, and with zombies to boot.  They don't need to recreate that.  I  mean, why can't you just pretend that DR3 is set in Raccoon City...?

It all falls back to not giving one hot damn about your customers.  I'm just one person.  I don't expect a major corporation to listen to just one man or woman about their upcoming products.  But when you get enough people, that have been loyal to your brand for so long, and they constantly and consistently tell you what they want, and you just and constantly and consistently ignore them - that's when you no longer care about the people that have made you what you are.  That's just disrespectful.

Shame on you Capcom.

Oh, and it seems I'm not the only one that feels that the xbox 1 is likely going to lose this console war.

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