Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A memo to Microsoft: Backhanded compliments don't count...

Every day, I read about how game companies (console makers as well as game developers) are all making a concerted effort to listen to their fans.  And every bit of it is a lie.

I'm sorry, but Microsoft isn't 'Listening to the Fans' because they've made changes.  That's what it looks like on the surface, and boy would they love you to buy their attempt to spin it that way.  But let's face facts, what really happened was this:

1. They announced a new set of protocols, and expectations that were not only patently ridiculous is what they wanted FROM their customers, but was not even realistic in terms of logistics (internet connections are simply not consistent enough for what they wanted).

2. They got more backlash than they ever have before, and people basically said, "okay, so I guess I'll buy a Sony this time around, because Microsoft has lost their damn minds.

3. They responded to this backlash like the spoiled businessmen they are.  #dealwithit might have gotten one man fired, but let's face it, that's exactly what the rest of them were thinking.  He just had the balls to tweet it to the world.  Initially, Microsoft wanted to hear none of what the people that would be their customers had to say.  There was this rigid, unyielding stance that they were loathe to stop taking.

4. Finally they relented, and realized that not only were their sales going to be abysmal if they stayed on this path, but that by trying to stay to it at all, they might have damaged their profit margin irreparably.  ONLY upon this realization, did they finally 'Listen to the Fans'.

As some of my navy superiors used to say, "Don't blow smoke up my ass and call it sunshine."

If/when I eventually get a 'Next Gen' machine - it''l likely be a PS4.

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