Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So, Titanfall...

Anyone that knows me very well at all, knows that I refuse to give certain game companies my money anymore.  As a consumer, I feel it's not only my right, but a responsibility to speak to these companies in the only language they seem to understand - money.  I don't part my wallet for several companies, and one of them is EA.

I was a little interested in Titanfall, so I did what I usually do and waited until I could purchase it used at Gamestop, and so I finally got to play what EA would have you believe is the game of the fucking century.  It's fun.  Period.  Full stop.

The first thing that happened was an expected one - server glitches.  Seems every new game that comes out kills the ever loving shit out of servers in the first few weeks - and this was no exception.  After a few hours of playing Enemy Within, I checked the servers again, and hey, look at that, back online.

Anyway, the campaign (if you can accurately call it that) is basically playing as both sides of whatever space conflict we are a part of (I honestly have no idea what most of the story is, because they literally do all of the plot points as recorded voices over your headset as you play)  and they have 10 missions each - which will give you a feel for the game itself pretty well.  So, the campaign is the tutorial albeit an extended one.

Once the campaign is over, Titanfall is just deathmatch with mechs.  Now to some, that is game nirvana, and hey, if you like it, this is probably the game for you.  There are some truly exciting moments and some pretty cool gameplay to be had.  Me, not so much.  I'm not a team deathmatch kind of guy.  I kind of want to do it every now and then - and I usually get my fix in GTA online, where I can also do a shit ton of other things in between that occasional desire to team deathmatch.

If your ultimate online gaming experience is killing the other humans online with you in a virtual capacity, Titanfall is your huckleberry.  If you're too young to get that reference, fuck you. If you want more plot or story, I'd skip this one.  It's truly a case of whatever floats your boat.

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