Thursday, November 14, 2013

Enemy Within, leaves me feeling without.

I first want to state this:  I love the updated Xcom: Enemy Uknown offering.  It is a tremendous game, and if nothing else it conveys the spirit of the first game named Xcom that earned my respect and admiration.  I really do like what Firaxis and 2K games did...

And then I bought XCom: Enemy Within.

I have now bought Enemy Unknown twice, and in spite of asking on their facebook page, and on their twitter feed, I was never able to get a clear answer about it before I made the purchase.

I don't NEED a second included copy of Enemy Uknown with Enemy Within.  The only conclusion I can come to is this: 2K games saw the opportunity to charge more for what should have essentially been a DLC offering.

When I asked why it wasn't a DLC, the answer I got on Facebook, was that it was too large to just be a DLC...  Wait, what?  Well, I've downloaded ENTIRE GAMES on Xbox Live, and they weren't too large - so how exactly does that work?  Well, if you chock all of the content that probably should have been included originally, yeah it probably makes for some large file sizes - when you also make the first offering a mandatory purchase.

To reiterate, I don't need two copies of Enemy Unknown.

I feel like you cheated me 2K.  I would have gladly given you my money if you'd just been upfront and honest, but now I feel like you lied to me to get a bigger chunk of change.  Now, you'll be lucky if I ever buy anything from you again.

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