Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going home again... sort of.

Gone Home is a game that recently launched, and while it doesn't have all of the fanfare of a triple-a title, this game deserves your attention.  Especially if you are like me.

What I mean by that is, an older gamer, who remembers games being like wonderlands.  I remember playing old point and click, first person games, before the FPS genre was created.  Games were all about exploration, and discovery.

People created worlds for you to enter and explore, and experience as if you were there, and it was up to you to figure out what you were looking for.  Curiosity drove these games.  It was necessary.

So many games today have no need for curiosity, they shove their narrative down your throat as the player, and while some stories can be enjoyable despite a predominantly linear experience, the need to explore is mostly nothing more than an excuse to find more ammo/gear to move on to the next battle.

Gone home is different, as I suspect, the Fullbright Company is different from most developers.

I will offer no spoilers.  To do so would be tantamount to telling everyone how Breaking Bad ends an hour before the last episode airs.

Gone Home is worth your money, and your time...  provided you are curious enough.

Give them a look.

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