Thursday, April 25, 2013

Arkham Origins needs only one thing...

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming in October.  I'm excited.  The villains that have been announced to date are Black Mask, and Deathstroke (AKA Slade Wilson).

I'm only here to talk about Deathstr...  No, you know what, I only think of him as Slade.  The reason I think of him in this way, is because of the characterization done on the animated series, Teen Titans.  It makes more of an impression than the comic books, because you get to see and hear Slade.  His character MAKES the series as far as I'm concerned.  When you find out that Slade is involved, you raised your expectations for the level of villainy that was about to commence.  His impact was visceral, and even death couldn't stop him from tormenting the Titans, Robin specifically.

What made him so memorable?  What gave you the impression that he was a real and believable villain?

One thing: Ron Perlman's voice.

He doesn't just voice Slade, he IS Slade.  Any other voice would not only sound wrong to my ears, it would sound false.  It matters that much.

Do yourself a favor developers.  Cast this character correctly.  Get Ron Perlman, or don't bother getting anyone.  There is no reason NOT to pay this man whatever his fee is for voicing Slade.  There are millions of reasons (can be taken as the money you will make, or the customers you will piss off) why you should.  Don't fuck this up.  You will regret it if you do, and in the worst place possible for a developer; on your bottom line.  Casting anyone else for the voice of Slade will cost you in the end.  Money, and fans.

Believe it.

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